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New Adventures

Take chances, make mistakes. That's how you grow. Pain nourishes your courage. You have to fail in order to practice being brave. ~ Mary Tyler Moore

We got a crazy idea a few months ago. Crazy ideas are usually how things get started around here. The problem is, we usually have more ideas than we have time or honestly, the desire (or ability) to turn them into something tangible. The idea phase is the fun part. planning, dreaming, thinking BIG. Making strides to actually make those dreams a reality is scary. So many areas where failure seems inevitable. So many issues to overcome. Branching out and going beyond our comfort zone is... not comfortable... (Profound, I know) Besides, we are just a little bit afraid of success. This small business is run by just us two sisters. Between us we have six kids and are home educating. What if this thing takes off? Are we ready for it?

*bites nails in nervous anticipation*

This time, the idea was fantastic enough that we decided to just jump. We didn’t test the waters, or give ourselves too much time to overthink our decision. We put the most basic plan into practice and we are developing it on the fly- as we are rolling it out.

This isn’t exactly the best business practice, but we knew we would plan and perfect ourselves into oblivion if we didn’t just take a chance and make it happen.

SO... what is this fantastic idea?

We have created a partnership (that’s the working name for it) for fundraising opportunities for organizations and ministries. This is a ZERO risk opportunity for fund raising that requires minimal leg work from the organization. If you can promote a link and a code on social media, email, text, etc. you can make money.

More details will will be coming soon, as we develop the website to get ready for this new aspect of our business. (We are building pages as we find we need them.)

We have our beta partner already using our fundraising platform, and so far it has been successful. We are learning together and working out the details and various kinks as they arise, but the launch has been a good one. Our partner is making money -even without all the fancy tools and web pages we are busy creating.

We have been a part of many great organizations and non-profits over the years and have helped to raise a fair amount of money for them. We have a heart for missions and for the people who work silently and diligently behind the scenes to make the cogs turn.

These people are already busy. They, like everyone else, don’t have time to dedicate to traditional fundraising efforts. Oh, they do it. They burn the candle at both ends, donating their personal time and finances to make their organization successful.

Our platform is made with these unsung heroes in mind. We want to be able to give them a bit of a rest and yet still help them toward the financial goals of their organizations.

Sharing a post on social media while riding in the car, watching a movie, taking a bath or sitting in a waiting room is all it takes. Yes, even with this platform, the ones who take the time to make it fun and to find ways to promote and market the link will have more success, but it’s only as much work as you want it to be. It’s something anyone can do. It’s something every person involved in the organization can help with. No labor or time burden is placed on any one individual.

Our plan is developing as we beta test it with our first partner, but our vision of no haste fund raising will remain. Our target partners include:

Ministries, Churches, Home Education Groups & Non-Profits (just to name a few) that align with our own mission statement.

if you are interested in more information on how to partner with us, let us know and we will put you on a mailing list to be the first to know when we are ready to launch this beyond our beta phase.

We are so excited (and also a little nervous) about this new branch of our business. We are working diligently to get this rolled out so you can take advantage of it as soon as possible. We truly hope to be a blessing to others and be able to honor God with this new adventure.

Katie’s Kreations Team


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