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and meet your fundraising goals


We offer no hassle fundraising with zero risk and no cost to you. No more knocking on doors, selling things out of a magazine, gathering funds and maintaining spreadsheets. Simply provide customers with the link to your store and your personalized code. 


Market your brand and your mission while also raising funds for your cause. Our fundraising products are either made with your specific brand in mind, or customizable with your own logo. No generic candles or freezers full of sweets. All of our products are made by hand, as they are ordered. 


Earn commissions on each product sold from your store, and keep track of your earnings in our back office. Sharing is caring. The more people in your organization that promote your link, the more earning potential you have. No unequal pressure is put on any one person on your team. No late nights and long hours. 


There is nothing stuffy or boring about social media marketing. Share in a fun and unique way, and see the impact it has not only in your own social media reach, but in your fundraising efforts. 


First,  you have to fill out our form and apply to be a fundraising partner. If we determine that our missions align and we agree with your fundraising goals, the magic begins. 

1. We crate a custom design for you. This design can go on a variety of applications, including canvas bags

and T-shirts. 

2. We make you a custom online storefront on our website. This is branded with your images and logo and accessible only to your customer base. 

3. We create you a unique code for use on your store. Each purchase made from your store using this code qualifies you for a commission.  

4. You market your custom products, store and code to your contacts. 

5. We send you the commission you earned.


Apply Now

and meet your fundraising goals


Our desire is to honor God in all we do and we hope our products - our entire brand - reflects that desire. We are particular in who we choose to partner with because we want to maintain the integrity of that desire. Each organization we partner with will have a presence on our website and our social media.

If those organizations do not align with the mission of our brand, we will not partner with them. By having an organization's presence on our page, that is an endorsement from us. We can not endorse anything that goes against that original and most earnest desire to honor God in all we do. 


Levels of Partnership

We offer two kinds of partnerships for fundraising

Short Term - Any event lasting up to 6 months

Long Term - Any event lasting 6 months or longer

Minimum event length is one month

Commission Percentage

All commissions are negotiated on a case-by-case basis and agreed upon by our committee. The percentage is calculated off of the profit of any given item, not the purchase price. 

Many factors can influence the commission earned, including organization size, length of the event, etc. Typically, a higher commission goes to partners with short term events, with the expectation that they will do more concentrated and energetic marketing to their customers.


If an organization provides their own design, in a print-ready format, they own that design.

If we create the design for your event, we own that design. 

We retain the rights to said design unless you would like to purchase the rights. (Price will vary according to time invested)

Any profits made off of this design outside of your fundraiser belong to Katie’s Kreations.

If you submit a design that needs some work, we will be happy to do that for you. We do charge $10/ hour with a $25 minimum.

Your Responsibilities

Marketing - The only thing you are asked to do is market / promote the link and code provided to you. This means you should complete the following list:

  • Share the link to the URL we provide

  • Always mention your code in any promotion

  • Encourage all members of your organization to share and promote your link & code

  • Like our facebook page

  • Pick out the items you would like to sponsor

  • Share promotional post at the end of your fundraiser

Promotional Post at end of term - When our partnership time is over, you will be given a sample post for your social media outlets. This post should be shared on all your outlets. This is simply a note saying that you used us for your fundraising and provides a link for others to check out our platform.

Our Responsibilities

Product - Creating/ maintaining product supply

Point of Sale - We will handle all transactions, shipping and inventories.

Website - We will maintain our website as well as your store page and your back office information area.

Tracking - We will keep track of your earnings and report them regularly via the back office reporting feature we will provide to you

Payment - We will make sure you have your payment in a timely manner


All shirts used for your fundraising event are Bella Canvas Tri-Blend T-Shirts. These are super soft and comfy. They typically fit true to size and do not shrink much. 

Most shirts will be a single color print with two color being the maximum. They will be printed on one side only. 

Shirt color will be determined during our consultation. Charcoal and heather are the most popular colors and appeal to the broadest audience. They are also typically the most reliable colors to get from our distributors, ensuring we don't run low on stock. 

Once a shirt color is chosen. only that color will be available for purchase through your event. If a customer really wants another color option, we can arrange that if contacted via email. This will be an additional charge to that customer and may delay production and shipping of their product. 

Other Custom Products

We are busy working on a more substantial custom product line. At the moment, only shirts and canvas bags are available. We make each product by hand as it is ordered, so we have to ensure that we are able to provide you with great products that can be turned out in a timely manner. As we develop a more expanded line, the products will be automatically added to your store. 

Our Products

You will have sponsored items available for sale in your fundraising store. These are items from our own product line that you are able to earn commission off of. These products available can vary depending on availability, etc. and exclude woodworking and custom sewing items. You are able to choose up to 5 items to sponsor / feature.

Back Office

You will be provided a password protected private page, accessible to only you and any team member you share it with. Your event agreement, payment information, commission tracking, marketing materials, etc. can be found here. 


Your Success Depends on You

We will provide you with a number of tools, links, web pages, etc. but your success with your event will depend on the effort you put into it. While, we do have a no hassle system, it is by no means no work. You have to find ways to uniquely share your products with your social media audience. Getting friends and family to share your posts because of the fun and engaging way you present them will make a noticeable difference in your fundraising outcome. Make your sharing exciting! Make fun videos, do a live video, make graphics and memes that market your product. 

This event is a great way to not only showcase the products for sale, but to promote your organization and its mission. The shares and interactions you get because of this fundraising event can have a huge impact on the reach of your social media. Take advantage of that and promote yourself during that time.  Show the world your excitement and passion for your brand, and don't be afraid to be silly. Share your link and code at every opportunity, but more importantly, share your heart for why you are asking for support. Sell your brand to your supporters and they will buy your products. 

Apply Now

and meet your fundraising goals

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