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Catch a Dream

Us sisters come from a long line of creative entrepreneurial types. We aren’t content to simply exist, we have to be constantly digging into some creative venture or another. (Our husbands sigh, roll their eyes and dutifully support us 😂)

We had a brainstorming call yesterday and came up with a whole list of new products we are excited to launch. We hope you will be as excited about them as we are. These include but aren’t limited to original framed art and kids sizes in some of our shirts.

Expanding this small business and daring to actually catch the dream that has been haunting us for years is SO much work. It’s hours of planning and labor. It’s late dinner (ok, cereal) for our families and laundry that gets piled up. It’s a sacrifice... but it’s a passion project for us.

The official launch will happen soon, so we can’t give too much away. Check back here soon for a complete list of our new products! We hope you will be as excited about them as we are.

~The Katke’s Kreations team


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