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Mustang Nazarene Church


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"Go. Love. Serve." 

~Mustang Naz Missions Team 

Mission trips are one of the best ways to really watch people use the gifts God has given them in ways they never thought imaginable. On these trips, everyone grows in their faith as they learn to trust in the Lord for His provision of not only resources (funds to go) but in opening doors that once seemed sealed shut. Mission trips help us to learn to trust God more and rely on self less. We learn to recognize the “God moments” for what they are instead of calling them coincidences.

In addition to what we learn about ourselves and our fellow team members, we have the opportunity to be the hands and feet of Jesus to a community who is often in desperate need of love, support, help, and comfort. When we went to Paraguay in 2017, we had a specific project we were slated to “finish.” Another team had gone before us and built the walls of a church and we were to go and finish the roof and the inside of the building. Just a couple of months before we were to leave, a tornado, the first in the history of Paraguay, tore through the community and destroyed everything, literally leveling the church to the ground. Who but God, would already have a plan in place by sending a bunch of Okies from tornado alley across the globe to help love on, support, comfort, and help rebuild what was broken.  

This year, in June, we will be traveling once again to Paraguay. This time, we will not only be working on a church and parsonage that have never had floors or windows, but we will be including a medical clinic, where we will be taking care of basic physical needs. In addition, we will be taking 150 pair of the Shoe that Grows to give to the children and young adults in the community. 

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